1 day ago
Racauan 23042014

Dan saya tidak mau menjadi seperti gundik bagi kamu.

Dan jikapun saya itu gundik, kamu tidak cukup kaya untuk menghidupi saya.


4 days ago

Dont misjudge me as the jerk.

Im not human, really, i am witch without magic power

1 month ago

My little sister just came up from work, shes 19 years old, working while still attending classes in her college..

she showed up and crying, while saying this..

"i am born not to be their maid, i would rather die than having a family like this.."

And there’s a little piece of my heart just die inside

2 months ago

Pretending to be alright will protect you from the devil who got the plan to use your weakness to be more powerful than before..

And it will keep you away from the big fat liar who said they got your back when they arent.

So, too much information will kill you?
Yes it is

2 months ago

Kamu masih kerja? Kerja apa? Oh SPG? Dimana? Oh mall? Terus kamu berdiri tuh 8 jam? Gak cape tuh? Hebat juga ya bisa berdiri 8 jam.

Iya dong :)

2 months ago
Tawa mu / ku Palsu , #racauan020214

Tertawa bisa dipalsukan dalam ketikan.

Oleh sebab itu saya kurang begitu suka dengan konteks teks dalam menyampaikan suatu hal yang bersifat emosional

2 months ago
<\3 #racauan020214

The Disneyland that i thought i already found is dissappear.

The happily ever after become a disaster.

And the list that have been ever made is burnt into the hell, which even we can not bear.

The anger put us in danger.

Sad? Nope, in my mind, i just need to go to someplace of nowhere, play with swinger or lego and buy a lots of ice cream.

For you, do whatever you want that make you as happy as fat kid who got a dozen of chocolate :)..

In a good way, theres someone who actually always looking and longing you. Go get em before the plane starts the engine.

For the mat with the most (welcome) ,
Vanilla one, please..

2 months ago

My blue sky turns to grey…

And collapsed..

Sadly i am knowing it happened and can not do anything to fix it..

Well i guess its time to say, well……

How about, no one can not be with?

How about, no one can not be with?

3 months ago
Mean girl | #220113

Yes it is, i am a mean girl who wants to rule my own world.

I kind of …. dont believe a fate, destiny, or somekind of that. I believe in human’s feeling that could change so fast.

Circumstances. Coincidence. That were 2 things which can not be debated.

My feeling change, this is why i am afraid, no, my feeling was slightly above the scared of being attached.

I prefer to say, my feeling has change because of myself, yea bored of this shiz.

My soul that has been traped in there wants to came out again, to play hide and seek or playing an adventure time role.

I realize, they call me mean because of my behaviour which can not been burried down inside, I can not put my soul again in a chest.

For real that was killing me………………..

I thought this gloomy day and with the hands of the power of the cosmic rotation also the magic of rainbow after the rain……………
I am starting to getting know, my soul has screaming, wants to get her freedom.

And this time..my real evil soul has return…

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