5 days ago
23 July 2014

Drifting through the town.

Spiting on earth , which you blamed everything of.

You ask in yourself why you dont born to be a un-identified-extrateritorial, or are you already one of them?

This city, full of stupid human being with no soul, and they like to create their own fairytale with their own way ‘happily ever after’

Which is one of your friend is them.

One of them is an ass licking, which is what they said was everything you want to be as reality, but, unfortunately it is not.

And on the other side, naive person whos stand on their own side and more often to be someone that knocked of jack everytime, is murdered by the power called “moneybags”.

That just an epilogue.

It is supposed to be a love story.

I would love to write some of them, make the people in this area felt loved by someone, even it is not real tho.

It is hard to be had some fantasy on of the romanshiz love story if you dont ever think about it.

But well, i will try.


Peace be quite and open air, wait for us…somewhere….

1 week ago
Tulisan 22 juli 2014

Title : Doubting feeling of a human vs thunder bolt

The storm swept anything that pass.

Clouds became darker over the time.

The thunder bolt is forcing me to kiss’em, they said that was the way they are having some fun.

My heart is empty, i took a footstep towards it..a footstep became a footsteps.

It is getting closer, closer, i took it as a gambling.

If everything that thunder bolt said was right, maybe, i can change the whole world.

My dream is to release the earth from suffering, which is impossible.

The thunder bolt looked at me with its red eyes, staring at me, so deep.

My confidence left me right away, i start to doubting my decision to kiss’em, to make em happy in order to make this world happy.

Then my peace of junk-heart was telling me, “do the people care about how you feel? Do they know what do you want to do right now? Kissing a monster! And they will happy, and still do not know about how scared you are right now!”

Oh!*gasp* i realize the thunder bolt have so many fangs, so white and sharp tho.

The clouds became much more darker than before.

The thunder bolt smell my hesitation through the air.

Their eyes want to stabed me.

I lost my balancing, i fell down.

The thunder bolt hate it.

They kill me.

The ripped my body with their fangs and blow me up with a storm which they created to swept me away from their sight.

After did that, the thunder storm bored with it.

The thunder bolt is leaving.

Everyone lives happily ever after, except me.

I became the dust that follows where the thunder bolt blew the storm out.

Do i have a choice?

1 week ago
18 july 2014

Yang paling kuat di dunia ini adalah hutang budi.

Yang kedua baru kekayaan.

Dan jika kedua hal itu digabungkan dan di miliki oleh seseorang yang tak memiliki akal sehat, maka bukan tidak mungkin kematian jiwa seseorang tak terelakkan.

Yang saya bingung, mengapa hal ini terus terjadi di kehidupan para makhluk berakal budi?

Mungkin karena hutang budi membuat lidah kelu, mungkin karena uang membuat mulut mereka terbungkam.

Eksekusi terbaik yang sekarang diharapkan oleh para tahanan hutang budi. Sekian.
3 weeks ago
I hope he’s still alive to discuss about the election with me.


I hope he’s still alive to discuss about the election with me.


3 months ago

Berkata “JAHAT” adalah hal yang sulit bagi saya.

Kata orang-orang saya, bukan, bukan terlalu baik, tetapi terlalu masa bodoh untuk peduli dengan perilaku orang yang seenak jidat.

Namun kali ini, saya, yah sayangnya tidak berteriak, namun cukup berani untuk memberikan tulisan huruf besar semua, ya kepada ANDA..


Penekanan menggunakan tulisan besar diatas bermaksud untuk memberi tahu, betapa keinginan untuk membunuh lebih besar dari pada rasa yang saya miliki.


Terimakasih kepada anda, saya bisa menjadi penyihir bermulut nyinyir :)

3 months ago
Racauan 23042014

Dan saya tidak mau menjadi seperti gundik bagi kamu.

Dan jikapun saya itu gundik, kamu tidak cukup kaya untuk menghidupi saya.


3 months ago

Dont misjudge me as the jerk.

Im not human, really, i am witch without magic power

5 months ago

Pretending to be alright will protect you from the devil who got the plan to use your weakness to be more powerful than before..

And it will keep you away from the big fat liar who said they got your back when they arent.

So, too much information will kill you?
Yes it is

5 months ago
Tawa mu / ku Palsu , #racauan020214

Tertawa bisa dipalsukan dalam ketikan.

Oleh sebab itu saya kurang begitu suka dengan konteks teks dalam menyampaikan suatu hal yang bersifat emosional

5 months ago
<\3 #racauan020214

The Disneyland that i thought i already found is dissappear.

The happily ever after become a disaster.

And the list that have been ever made is burnt into the hell, which even we can not bear.

The anger put us in danger.

Sad? Nope, in my mind, i just need to go to someplace of nowhere, play with swinger or lego and buy a lots of ice cream.

For you, do whatever you want that make you as happy as fat kid who got a dozen of chocolate :)..

In a good way, theres someone who actually always looking and longing you. Go get em before the plane starts the engine.

For the mat with the most (welcome) ,
Vanilla one, please..

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